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Tag: Naturopathic Medicine
01 Dec

How I turned my health problems into my lifelong passion

I’ve dedicated my career to teaching people how to understand their bodies and get the most out of life. How to work on their health and their lives, to get the results they need. Now I hope to help more people by expanding online. I wasn’t a healthy kid. Running was hard because of asthma...

13 Nov

Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System

Preparing for Cold & Flu Season  One of the primary aims of a Naturopathic Doctor is to help you strengthen your body’s natural ability to fight disease. The immune system, when healthy, is highly capable of fighting off many diseases and illnesses, especially the common cold. It is when the immune system becomes laden with..

20 Aug

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Philosophy: Naturopathic Medicine is a health system that blends scientific knowledge and natural forms of medicine. When someone has symptoms (for example headache, allergies, or frequent colds), it is considered by a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) as a warning sign of improper functioning of the body.  There are several reasons that this may happen and the..