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Category: Immune Health
05 Jul

Are You Low in Iron?

Iron deficiency is the single most common nutrient deficiency and a leading cause of anemia. Signs and symptoms of iron deficiency Signs and symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia depend on its severity and can range from mild to severe. Many of the signs and symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia apply to all types anemia. The most common symptom..

22 May

Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition

For more information, see veg.ca Vegetarians can rest assured. Plant-based foods are loaded with nutrients including ample protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. Vegans require a reliable source of vitamin B12. Whether you eat a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, the key to health is simple. Include a wide variety of different foods in your diet..

02 Dec

To Dessert or Not to Dessert…

It’s that time of year when treats abound. For those who don’t have health conditions that require more strict dietary control, it’s a common time of year to find yourself indulging in unhealthy foods. In order to maintain moderation and get the most out of your treats, follow these guidelines. 1. Only eat treats when..

14 Nov

Protein Rich Foods

Protein is important to help build and keep muscles and red blood cells healthy.  Protein in our diet supplies us with essential amino acids that our body cannot make. Amino acids are important to form cells, repair tissues, carry oxygen and assist muscle activity.  There are approximately 20 amino acids required by the body – half..

18 Oct

Sources of Fibre

It is important to eat a variety of foods to get enough fibre, both soluble and insoluble. A healthy diet includes approximately 25-38 grams of fibre a day.  Have a personalized nutritional consultation if you want help on increasing the dietary fibre in your diet. Soluble fibres absorbs water and slows down digestion. Soluble fibre delays..

11 Oct

Do You Have Food Intolerances?

Reposted from Toronto Star. Written by – Barbara Turnbull Traditionally, the way to define a food intolerance is by trial and error. But symptoms — such as irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, indigestion, heartburn, joint pain, eczema, bloating, stomach pain, anal bleeding, sleeplessness and weight gain — are not always related, making elimination diets difficult to..

02 Oct

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System!

Preparing for Cold & Flu Season  One of the primary aims of a Naturopathic Doctor is to help you strengthen your body’s natural ability to fight disease. The immune system, when healthy, is highly capable of fighting off many diseases and illnesses, especially the common cold. It is when the immune system becomes laden with..