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Category: General
06 Feb

Top Lifestyle Habits that Impact Sperm

Imagine dancing on a crowded dance floor. Spinning around in circles and leaning to dip… without a partner? It takes two to tango. A lot of women are aware of their cycles even before they start to think about fertility. But for men, their reproductive system it’s not something that comes to mind until fertility..

17 Jan

Superfood Series – Turmeric

When I was a kid, I used to drink turmeric shots on a regular basis. Whenever I had a cold, runny nose or cough, I would find my mom making me some. In fact, my family would rub it on a sprained ankle or knee and put it in all our dinners too. As I..

09 Jan

Is your body about to break down?

I’m sitting at the mechanic waiting for my oil change. As I look around, I see other people also waiting and I’m thinking – none of them have car trouble. They’re just here because they are trained to maintain their cars and change their oil at 3 month intervals. Because the cost of NOT doing..

01 Dec

How I turned my health problems into my lifelong passion

I’ve dedicated my career to teaching people how to understand their bodies and get the most out of life. How to work on their health and their lives, to get the results they need. Now I hope to help more people by expanding online. I wasn’t a healthy kid. Running was hard because of asthma...