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About Me
Who is Rishma Walji?

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Hi, Iā€™m Rishma, I’m passionate about your health. Your journey. Your needs. Your success.

I’m often asked why I’m in this profession.

I struggled with my health when I was a kid. I was in the hospital several times. It was common for me to be in and out of specialist offices to try different treatments. My parents did the best they could but it was incredibly frustrating. I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t know what my options were. At the time, the treatments were causing me side effects and didn’t always fix my issues.

I wanted to find a better way.

I realized that in order to help other people with similar experiences, I needed to learn as much as I possibly could.

This is where I’m supposed to put my credentials. Get ready, I’ve been called a perpetual student…

I’m a licensed and registered Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist for over 15 years. I have an undergraduate degree from McGill University in physiology and a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Toronto. I did two post doctoral fellowships at McMaster University, one in aging and one in pediatrics.

All that means is that I have a unique balance of scientific, evidence-based knowledge and natural, holistic healing experience.

What I’ve learned is that there are options. There are steps you can take, once you learn how things work.


Rishma Walji, ND, RAc, PhD

How I can help you

There are a few ways.

I have a clinical practice where I use tools such as nutritional advice, herbal medicines, lifestyle counseling and acupuncture to help people resolve their symptoms and reach their health goals. My practice experience centers around family medicine, treating people with anything from digestive concerns to aches and pains. I have a special interest in women’s health and hormones, fertility, pregnancy and children’s health.

While I’m happy to take you on a personal one-on-one journey in my office, that might not be possible for everyone. I want to help as many people as I can … so I’m going digital.

The knowledge I’ve gained over the years has shown me patterns in health and disease. I want to make my experience accessible to each and every one of you.

Get the information in any way that makes sense for you. Follow me via: my blogs, newsletters, facebook, pinterest or instagram. Whatever way you choose, get value from it and share your progress. Tell me what you’d like to see. I have many topic ideas and online courses in the works.

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